Hello, my name is Danielle Granger Nava.

showmeyournola is a lifestyle blog that focuses on that New Orleans state-of-mind, wherever you are. Follow my adventures in dining, cooking, Nola, travel guides, home style, Instagram and all things beautiful & delicious I find along the way.

Find your New Orleans state-of-mind, wherever you are. 

I was born in Sulphur, LA (southwest Louisiana) and have lived throughout South Louisiana my whole life. After 3 years of fulfilling my dream of living in New Orleans, I moved back to my hometown with my husband, Andrés Nava. We live in a 1895 Historical Home in the Charpentier District in Lake Charles, LA.

The showmeyournola Story:

Growing up in Southwest Louisiana, I visited New Orleans often and always felt in my heart that I belonged there. My desire grew stronger when I studied abroad in Oxford, England my junior year at LSU. It was during my travels in Europe that I realized just how special New Orleans is + how lucky Louisiana is to have this amazing city. It is the most European and cultural city in the United States, and I was living in the same state as her! I thought how ridiculous it was that I wasn’t living there.

Two weeks after I turned 30 (in Paris, no less) I fulfilled a lifelong dream of moving to New Orleans the summer of 2013. I was instantly acclimated and utterly in love with the city…it was everything I had dreamt of and more!

I ate, I drank, I danced, I met amazing people, I learned about new cultures, I tried new things, I went to every concert I could afford, I sashayed in second lines, I hosted epic Halloween parties, I started a costume closet, I lived uptown and then in Treme (just 2 blocks from the French Quarter), I rode my bike everywhere during Mardi Gras, I got ticketed and towed on a regular basis, I blogged in coffee shops, I lived with a couple of ghosts, I overcame my fear of ghosts, I worked at an antique jewelry shop of Royal St., I rode my bike to work through the French Quarter, I cheered on the Saints, I paraded, and I ate and drank a whole lot more. It didn’t take me long to decide that I needed to document my journey. Hence, showmeyournola was born on Instagram in September of 2013.

I worked for myself my first two years living there, so I had complete freedom to succumb to every whim and fancy that the city offered. I was a true New Orleanian.

To keep a long story from getting longer, life happened. In 2015, I met my future husband and simultaneously decided to join the family business as a financial planner at Toujours Planning. {showmeyournola is my side passion project/hustle + creative outlet.} It didn’t take long for us to realize that starting a life and family in my home town just made more sense. We moved home to Lake Charles, LA in 2016. After our French Quarter wedding, we bought a home and started a new life in Lake Charles. It is truly bittersweet because I will always long for New Orleans, but it’s a relatively short drive and we make it back at least once every two months. Ya know, for research and future second-home shopping! 😉

I saw this quote soon after moving to New Orleans, and I was so moved by it. It still resonates with me today, and it gives me hope + motivation to one day have a home there once again.

“New Orleans doesn’t just belong to those who are born here. it also belongs to those who are reborn here.”

I love hearing from you! General questions, concerns & comments can be sent to dani@showmeyournola.com.

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Stay in the Nola!

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