Coconut Margaritas

Confession: I am LOCA for COCONUTS! I love the way they taste. I love the way they smell. I love the way they look. I love the trees they come from. I love that they house their own cup if needed. I love it when sunscreen smells like coconuts and I revert back to the pure bliss of childhood vacations. I love coconut milk and coconut water. I even demanded coconut icing on our wedding cake! I just love coconuts, y’all.

So it’s no surprise that a frozen coconut concoction would make its way to the top of my recipe list!

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Nava Beet Salad

This dish is a certified holiday pleaser! Not only is it simple, but you can make it the night before to save you time. More family time is always a good thing! Plus, it’s Granny-approved, and do you really need more reason than that?

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Simple King Cake Bread Pudding

You need king cake bread pudding in your life…because regular ‘ol king cake just won’t do it! Danielle Granger Nava of @showmeyournola shares her Simple King Cake Bread Pudding recipe just in time for all your Mardi Gras and Super Bowl festivities! This recipe will IMPRESS & SEDUCT! 

Blogger Danielle Granger Nava shares her beloved King Cake Bread Pudding recipe…because sometimes you need to king cake to the next level!

My Favorite King Cake in Nola!

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me where they should order a king cake from in New Orleans!

After a recent nudge from my friend (thanks Jess!) who couldn’t find my recommendation on this here website, I realized that I need to just come clean and declare my favorite. For the record though, I highly recommend trying as many king cakes you can this season to declare your own winner!

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